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Dong Yang Oil Chemical first started as an industrial company but refined its technology in the production of castor oil to focus on the care of its customers and also the protection of the environment. Now we have become a leading company in the improvement of social environment.

We, at Dong Yang Oil Chemical, have been professionally producing castor oil since 1986. In the last 30 years, we have been a driving force in the domestic industry, solely focusing on providing the highest quality products. In 2002 and 2003, castor oil derivatives based on accumulated technology and plant construction, were dependent on import derivatives (dehydrated castor oil: Dehydrated castor oil, dehydrated castor oil fatty acids: Dehydrated castor oil fatty acid, hardened castor oil: Hydrogenated castor oil, hardened castor oil fatty acid :12-Hydroxy Stearic acid). The domestic production of Fatty acid ester derivatives, as well as the maintaining the quality level, has enhanced the competitiveness of domestic industries. In 2010, Dong Yang Oil Chemical also focused on developing products in semiconductor cleaning. In 2011, it has been successfully expanding its family of silicone oil-induced and oleic acid induced production. We, at Dong Yang Oil Chemical, aim to use technology and unconditional care and respect for our customers to produce the best products.

We will continue to meet and satisfy the needs of our customers by providing them with the best service and quality-assured products.

  •   Company Name : Dong Yang Oil Chemical
  •   Founded : 1965.01.05
  •   CEO : Cho, Jin-Ho
  •   Paid-in Capital : 2,800 (million won)
  •   Types of business : Types of business
  •   Main products : castor oil, and induction of stay, Fatty ester, Electronics cleaning, Silicone oil induced,
    Stay in oleic acid induced